Privacy in the World

3 June, 2017

NOTE: This was originally a facebook post

Just watched Snowden for the first time since it was at the movies in 2016.
I have been following Ed Snowden since the start, and whilst he was an American and it was dealing with with the NSA and CIA and many other American organisations the damage and the level of mistrust and anti-privacy spreads way more than one could even comprehend. Way more than this movie shows. Hacking a school network, running small DDOS attacks to twitch streamers is all we hear about, but that is nothing compared to the world's leaders and what they are capable of. Most people know you shouldn't trust the government, money cuts here and there, promises never fulfilled etc.. However in the digital age, the age of which we currently live in we will never be safe.

Things that Ed leaked may be gone or modified, or maybe they are still up and operational but we, the public are told otherwise. It really doesn't matter, because I promise you, each government around the world have their own tools, and their own way of accessing everything from phone calls, to texts, to an encrypted file on your computer that is hardly ever connected to the internet. It will never stop and if it wasn't for someone as bold and brave as Ed, we'd have no clue that our most basic human rights are being violated!

One thing I learnt growing up really was that life isn't fair, and back then I just thought because I didn't get that DVD I wanted so bad, but now it is much, much more. The only way we can possibly have a chance to regain our freedom and privacy is to be educated, and hold the government responsible for it's obvious misuse of such tools.

Anyone heard of the 'WANNACRY' virus? It made its way through hospitals, businesses, home computers and compressed your entire computer into files, then asked for money in the form of bitcoins or other cryptocurrency in exchange for a key to unlock your files. Not one person who paid, ever got their files back. That virus, came from the NSA, from the government. The virus isn't it's natural form, but the tools got leaked online and hackers/script kiddies got their hands on it and slightly modified it to be able to do this. Now hospitals around the world have no patient data or anything. What a world we live in.

I may sound like one of those crazy alien people who swear they've just seen a UFO, but the sad reality of this world is that all of this is true and unless you want to live like a caveman or the amish then you will be tracked, your data will be collected and you will effectively be spied upon because there is ALWAYS be people who misuse the system, just like there are people who take advantage of others, or like there will always be bullies picking on that kid in school. I am not going to provide links as I have not been actively in recent months keeping up with Snowden, nor do I have the time but you owe it to yourself to do some research. Find Snowden's twitter, read articles, books, anything. Since Snowden came out, there is a lot of information out there, some true, others not but it starts the conversion off. The conversation that needs to be had.