Dice Rituals

7 June, 2017

I have certainly changed a lot over the years, and whilst change can be good some change isn't. I think the one downfall of my good change over the last few years (to enjoying tabletop and RPG games) is that I now have a dice problem. Right now I only have 70 dice, with a total of 9 sets of Polyhedral RPG dice and that is nothing compared to a lot of people. I am however quickly accumulating more which is funny considering I told myself I would have enough sets for one set for me, and one set for each player and that's all. I have two and a bit sets with me at all times. Each set contains 7 dice.

I have also created a dice jail (pictured above) for when the dice land on low numbers. It's this weird thing that most find crazy but to those who play RPGs it isn't. A snippet from the recent stream by the creators of D&D was made into a video with various D&D influencers talking about their own dice, and superstitions. Check it out. It is interesting.

PS: YES! I do put my dice in jail or give them time out. YES! I want more dice and I am starting to dabble into metal dice. YES! I don't let others touch my playing dice. They are mine. Mine only. YES! I am weird, but you already knew this.