I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good

30 July, 2017

Many years ago, early teens maybe I was staying over at my grandmother's house and I had nothing to do, so she recommended I read before bed like most of my family does/did. She handed me this book from a small collection that just so happened to be on the bedside table. That was my very first experience of Harry Potter and the wizarding world. To this date the Harry Potter series is one of the only entire sets of books I have read. Harry Potter has always been a huge part of my life growing up, I have the books (all of them including the Cursed Child screenplay, all the books such as Quidditch through the ages), all the movies on Blu-Ray and an ever growing collection of figures and collectables so when I heard that there was to be an Harry Potter themed night out in Melbourne of course I had to go. It originally had the name 'Harry potters Birthday' but due to copyright reasons it was changed to 'Potterfest'. It was my sister who brought it to my attention and asked if I wanted to attend with her.

We wanted to dress up but by this point we only had two days before the event so last Wednesday we headed off to Melbourne to get some supplies, see if we could find some things. Unfortunately nothing, everywhere was out of wands, only had kids costumes (cloaks) or had nothing altogether. Crap. We ended up ordering a few items online at around 12:45am on the Thursday. Come Friday morning we headed into town and bought some more things we needed to complete the costumes. Just really hoping that the parcel arrives at the place in Melbourne we sent it as it said express shipping from Sydney to any major city would be one day shipping. We got to Melbourne where the parcel had arrived so now we had near complete costumes, good enough. That was stressful as hell!

After meeting up with some of my sisters friends and having dinner (I ate Korean food, YES! ME! I has a picture as proof) the four of us got changed and headed out to the event. We didn't think we had the right place as we were approaching but once inside it was amazing! The people who organise the event do events like this all around Australia apparently and in photos of other cities the location was 'dressed up' more but it probably has something to do with what they were allowed to do within the venue. Regardless it still looked pretty amazing, the first thing we did when we got there was lined up and got our special drinking glass. That's all we were told, that you could pre order or buy on the night a special glass. There was three varieties we saw when we got there, Butterbeer glass, Polyjuice Potion bottle or a Firewhisky glass. I got the Polyjuice Potion bottle, it looked the coolest. Another thing which had to be the most disappointing part of the event was that we weren't told you could only have one glass/bottle per person and you could only have the themed drink that goes in the glass/bottle you got. I'm not one for trying things but man I wanted to try all of these famous Harry Potter themed drinks. I grew up reading about them.

After that we headed over to get our first drink of the night. Personally I feel the Polyjuice potion drink tasted like a cider. The prices were a bit steep too but being a club I still wasn't surprised. The cheapest drink was $12.50. As you walked around the venue there were Harry Potter themed posters, as if we were at a location within the wizarding world, and many other little trinkets and things showing off what it's be like. It seriously felt like walking into the Wizarding world from the Muggle or Nomaj world. The DJ had a wickard set up on the main level who was blasting awesome tunes all night. The first Harry Potter book came out in 1997 and I swear the DJ made the setlist for 90's and early 2000's people because it was a blast from the past, from party favorites even in this day and age like Outkast's song 'Hey Ya' or 'Teenage Dirtbag' by Wheatus, to songs we never thought we'd hear such as songs from ABBA and a few others but all speed up to a nice beat for a club. They also remixed newer songs such as Uptown Funk by either replacing lyrics, or merging the Harry Potter theme into the instrumental part of the song or both. The part that got the entire place to dance was when they played 'Do The Hippogriff' which was a song from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire film. The song was played towards the end of the Yule Ball in the film. On two screens either side of the DJ and one behind was clips from the films and various memes of Harry Potter and famous quote all to fit with the songs. Some gave us the feels, others made us laugh. That was certainly a great touch.

There was much more going on besides the drinks and dancing. They had a photo booth, a replica of the car that Ron and Harry flew several times in the series including when they missed the train to Hogwarts on year, face painting, a magic show and a guy who was selling his home-made wands. I bought a wand off him, I am so glad I didn't buy one from Zing for $60 like I was going to. His wands were better and man-made. He was also a very kind guy. To complete the authenticity he included a tag on them stating the characteristics of the want just like in the movies. Remember, the wand chooses the wizard, never the other way around and after trying out some wands I found the one that called my name. It was a Pine wand, 11.4" with Unicorn hair, Unyielding. After about four and a half hours of almost straight dancing, one Polyjuice Potion and two Smirnoff Ice Double Blacks later we left the club. To be honest, I wanted to stay until the end, 5am not just until 1:30am like we did but the person Angela and I were relying on was feeling sick.

Throughout the event I saw some people I knew including a cosplayer I follow on instagram who I've never met before. She was amazing, and It was so great to meet her even if it was only for a minute in a very large and loud crowd. I am sure I will see her around at cons in the future though. It was a fantastic experience, Harry Potter themed or not I can't go to clubs very often. I am more the stay at home and watch Netflix type but it was certainly worth it. We got one of the first trains back from Melbourne where I got home, immediately had a shower and fell asleep on the couch for the rest of the day until 5:30pm when I was called up by mum to remind me I had work at 6:30, she assumed I would be asleep and she was right! I feel old, one night out and I am wrecked. Anyway,
Can't wait until the next Harry Potter themed night which to my knowledge is a movie marathon in Melbourne. Bring it on!
Mischief Managed.