Robdogz Blogerz #2

14 August, 2009 | Permalink

Life stinks!
MSN isn't working for me but is for everyone else and now my wireless wont work at all!!! I wish it didn't happen, I mean MSN i can do without 'till its fixed (I will just use another IM) but wireless that i just carn't :(
So i may not be on any sites like Gamelair, The Gamers Fortune, Facebook ect.....

'Till next time Cya people!

Robdogz Blogerz #1

14 August, 2009 | Permalink

I will be making a blog entry like this every so often. First to get to know me, My name is Robert, im 14 and i am the owner/creator of this site.
My life has been f***ed up lately, due to puberty (All the growing up ect....) If you need help like i did feel free to ask and not be picked on ect.. post it in the "Life Help" forum.

I usually go to sleep around 10pm and wake up at 7:45am on school nights and 10am-2pm on weekends and holidays. So you will usually find me in front of a computer or TV most of the time. My life consists of: Burning/Downloading movies for own use, Working on this site, Going on Facebook, Playing PC/Console games, Buying lots of Mobile phones because i always seem to get mine stolen/broken.

I will do a real blog type thing next time.
But until next time, Im off Cya!

Big day around the CBD

28 July, 2009 | Permalink

Today i went with community challenge to the Ballarat CBD. It was wet and cold, not ideal for running around Ballarat. I ended up having a $5 meal and 2 big bottles of coke. Eating always took over doing work :D