15 June, 2017

ScreenPlay is Channel 7 (in Australia) new TV show based on gaming. Earlier this year, Good Game TV on the ABC network was taken down and so was all of the digital content they were producing. The one thing that the ABC left was Good Game: Spawn Point. The adolescent gaming show because they must have believed anyone older wouldn't care about a show that covers gaming, esports, reviews.

I had spent a lot of time watching Good Game and all of its contents when I was younger, as I was getting into gaming, it was a staple of my week. As I got older I tuned out as I stopped watching traditional TV however they eventually started utilising YouTube and other internet sites to reach out and they were gaining tracking from it. I was someone along with many other people who were excited to see Australia do something like this. Unfortunately the ABC thought it was the wrong direction and a few presenters and other staff decided to quit and found a home with Channel 7 in a new show called Screenplay. It would have been nice to see Bajo come along, but we have Hex and Nichboy from the old Good Game and Good Game Pocket who now are going by their real names Steph and Nick.

The lineup of content looks amazing, not only do they have a timeslot on 7mate every Thursday night but they also have content every single day of the week on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. It's great as I will have more ways to consume new information about what is going on in the gaming world, as well as it's a great Australian representation in the industry which I think otherwise is lacking a bit. It's not unusual for Australia to be out of the times all you have to do is look at our internet infrastructure, the NBN. I am pretty sure most countries in the world actually have better internet than us because the government said, and I quote, “(Australians do not want super-fast broadband and would not use it) even if we offered it for free” which as an Australian citizen I can say right now is complete and utter bullshit. Time those old farts moved out to be honest, they don't understand technology yet they make all the rules up about techology in the country.

Can't wait to get right into ScreenPlay and make it a part of the content I consume.